Company Profile

Company Profile

Helfin's vision

To be a leading icon in the financial services industry by being a world class Advisory Services Provider in South Africa. To focus on providing financial solutions to our expanding client base with passion and integrity.

Helfin's mission

  • To be the leading independent composite financial services provider within our geographic reach.
  • To deliver professional and efficient service with a spirit of excellence, creating financial security and wealth for our niche market.
  • To be at the forefront of the financial industry, remaining current and relevant within the changing environment.
  • To be compliant with the legal requirements in the financial industry.
  • We strive to improve our client’s financial profile through careful financial analysis, portfolio planning and risk management.
  • To uplift the potential of all our employees through education and on the job experience.


Helfin's values

  • To promote ethical behaviour within the industry.
  • To believe in operating with honesty and integrity at all times.
  • We believe in keeping the client’s best interest at heart.
  • We are independent, transparent and competent.


Helfin's history

The Helfin Financial Services Group was established in 1976 by its current key individual, Mike Papageorge. Mike completed his B.Com degree at Unisa and his MBA with his thesis on medical funding in South Africa. Together, Mike and his wife, Elli, have built up the current Helfin team and they envision the company to become the best independent, competent financial services provider within our geographic area.
We are pleased to announce that we were adjudged to be one of the top four advisory practices in the country in 2009.
The Helfin Group consists of a long term, life and investment company known as Helfin Private Wealth (Pty) Ltd and a short term advisory company styled Helfin Risk Management Co (Pty) Ltd.

Helfin's goals

Our value proposition is to offer you, our client, an experience that reflects our decades of expertise, at exceptional value, with a stable and dedicated support staff along with regular interaction and planning. Our point of departure is to offer you a stress free environment by removing the necessity to sell products at every opportunity. We do this by cross subsidising services such as short term insurance and investments that yield an ongoing income, thereby obviating the need for regular sales. Your overall support therefore makes it possible to offer this all-inclusive service.

ü Financial Planning

Clients financial affairs are documented, discussed and evaluated against their own objectives.  This is generally done annually and encompasses death, disability, retirement and investment scenarios for consideration. Attention is also paid to the short term, medical funding and testamentary requirements of the client.
The client’s annual review consists of a preliminary meeting scheduled for the collation and verification of information, and a final review soon thereafter at which time the financial plan is presented and amendments made. The client walks away with a complete document that encompasses all the above aspects of his or her financial life and assured competent administration.

ü Investments:  Local

As a rule we use Investec, Allan Gray, Old Mutual, Momentum Wealth and Glacier as our preferred investment platforms.  We manage a series of risk graded funds on the Investec platform and outsource the multi-management investment function to ARX investment partners. Mike is on the investment committee which meets monthly to take broad investment decisions. He is also the holder of a category II investment manager’s licence. In the best interest of our clients, we do not charge up-front investment fees.

ü Investments: Offshore

We have sourced a few platforms in this regard, being Old Mutual International’s Life account, CIDEL, Glacier International and Nedbank Private Wealth International. All our investment structures are SARS and FSB approved and therefore compliant. We also strive to eliminate the administrative burden for the client by using efficient and cost effective platforms in this regard.

ü Retirement Benefits

We can assist you in growing your private asset base using our experience and technology to give you a sustained advantage.

ü Group Benefits:  Provident and Pension Funds

Our group benefit packages are tailored to the requirements of the client and the members.  Essentially retirement funds are established for the accumulation of funds for retirement.  Additional benefits such as life cover, disability and dread disease cover are added, this is done frugally so that the main concept of the fund is not negated.  We can manage funds with as few as 5 members to as many as 1000 members.

ü Long Term Assurance - Life Cover and Ancillary Benefits

We use the most recognised Life Assurers in South Africa with a low corporate risk profile.  These include Old Mutual, Liberty Life, Altrisk, Momentum, Discovery and Sanlam.
We provide life cover, disability (both capital and income), dread disease and specialist covers sourced from these companies.

ü Business Assurance

We undertake a business assurance needs analysis to identify specific needs.  This could be in the form of sinking funds, key man assurance and partnership assurance.  We draft the agreements for perusal by the client’s attorneys and source the most cost effective insurance to match the needs.

ü Short Term Insurance – Commercial and Personal

With nearly 4 decades of experience in the insurance industry, we are capable and willing to give you, the client the right advice. We offer short term insurance coverage sourced from the leading insurers in South Africa.  These include Santam Ltd. and Mutual & Federal Ltd. and we provide a free professional survey when a client comes on board to establish the risk, as well as the quantum of cover required.
Unlike direct insurers, we take pride in looking after your interests when a claim arises. We use our considerable influence to have marginal claims reconsidered. We carry adequate professional indemnity insurance to cover any possible fault on our part and bear the responsibility for covering you correctly. This, at the same cost of most direct insurers! We strive to offer competitive pricing and exceptional service.
On the commercial side, we have a sophisticated system in place which ensures that you are covered for all the major risks you may need to insure.  All values are regularly reviewed and we walk you through the myriad of covers available.

ü Medical Aid Funding

We use a range of Medical Aids to match the client's needs with the provider.  We offer services to assist our clients with all the administration such as complex claims or a change of debit orders.
Our providers are Discovery Health, Momentum Health, Liberty Health, Medihelp, Fedhealth and Profmed.

ü Trusts and Wills

We establish trusts and draft standard wills, adapted to your circumstance or requirements.
Secure your family’s financial wellbeing and future. Trusts and Wills guard, hold and manage your private wealth.

ü Taxation services

Taxation services for the completion and submission of tax returns is offered at very competitive rates.
Align your financial goals to be more tax efficient. Minimize your tax burden and let Helfin take care of it through our professional tax management services.

Partner with us and give yourself peace of mind, allow yourself to do what you do best while we do what we do best.


Helfin Financial Group

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