Echelon Echo: Why Choose Echelon?

Did You Know?

Echelon Private Clients continuously strives to provide service ‘At Another Level’’, and we understand that this is no more important than when our mutual client suffers a loss. Our aim is always to ensure that the claims experience itself is as seamless and efficient as possible. In order to ensure this, we rely on you, our partner, and the client to provide the required information to finalise the claim as quickly as possible.

Proof of Ownership for items claimed is an essential requirement not only for the client to substantiate the loss, but to ensure that the client is adequately reimbursed, or his position reinstated to that prior to the loss. It is common knowledge that jewellery, watches and electronic equipment (especially cellular phones and tablets/laptop computers), are amongst the items most commonly stolen.

In order for such claims to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, kindly take note of the following requirements:

Claims for Jewellery and Watches

  • Proof of ownership – either in the form of an invoice or valuation certificate (dated prior to the loss)
  • Full description of the item e.g. 18ct white gold ring with a 1.5ct VS1 emerald cut diamond
  • Valuation certificates are required for items of jewellery exceeding R25 000 in value. Should this not be provided, the claim will be limited to R25 000 per item.

Claims for Cellular Phones and Tablets

Full description of the item e.g. Apple iPhone 10 64GB

  • IMEI number
  • ITC blacklisting number
  • Replacement quotation

Claims for Laptop Computers

  • Proof of ownership
  • Full and correct specifications of the lost/stolen laptop
  • Replacement quotation


In the event of a claim for damaged items, it is important to note that once the claim has been
settled, the damage item/s or salvage, becomes the property of the insurer.

Please note the following with regards to Salvage:

  • The Insured must provide any accessories pertaining to the item replaced by the Insurer, including
    battery chargers and remote controls.
  • The Insured may not dispose of the salvage unless expressly agreed with the Insurer, failing which
    the insured may be liable for the salvage value.
  • It is the Insured’s responsibility to ensure that any personal or confidential information is removed
    from cellular phones, tablets and laptop computers prior to the Insurer taking ownership of the
  • Any salvage value obtained will be off-set against the claim amount, thereby reducing the policy loss