The Benefits of using a Financial Advisor

In the financial world far too many consumers make isolated financial decisions focussing on the product and its features and benefits. Whilst it is important to understand what you are purchasing it is more important to understand where the product fits into your overall financial plan. There is a distinct difference between financial planning a merely purchasing a bundle of products for your financial future.

Certified financial planning professionals focus on a detailed step by step process that guides the client to the necessary outcome. This allows the client to understand the financial situation, in its current position as well as a where it needs to be. Once all the details have been collected and a complete financial needs analysis has been done can the financial planner make an informed recommendation with a holistic view and not in isolation.


A blend of Knowledge and experience

Mike has a wealth of experience since 1974 and further has a wide knowledge base with a B.Com and MBA degree.

Access to fund managers

We have direct access to a number of knowledgeable fund managers in the industry, and interact as often as necessary.

Manage funds over a business cycle

We have direct access to a number of knowledgeable fund managers in the industry, and interact as often as necessary.

Guidance, Planning & Coaching

To maintain a relationship based on trust and to offer ongoing guidance and in the event of a financial crisis. We align our success with your success and as such you come first! We will set out a realistic plan that is align with your financial goals.

Sourcing products cost effectively to add value

We continuously source the latest and most appropriate products for you, ensuring that you get the cost advantage due to our larger volumes.

Income Managed & cash flow analysis

We ensure that your income is always within a sustainable withdrawal pattern, for long term capital preservation. We analyse your current financial position and plan accordingly to allow for the best management of your cash and assets.

Tax advice, efficiency and planning

We are skilled to offer appropriate tax advice on the various products offered.

Risk analysis

We provide products that are suited to your risk budget, and ensure ongoing compliance.

FAIS Compliant

We are FAIS compliant and are in line with all the FSB requirements. Our fees sustain the FSB.

Technology and software

We apply cutting edge technology to ensure the best and most accurate results for you, our client. We make use of software that ensures the correct asset allocation as well as fund allocation.

Insurance – Professional Indemnity

This relieves you, the client, of the risk and stress as errors and omissions as this is covered under our liability policy.  

More fact, less emotion

We treat your investment at arm’s length, on a factual basis and with less emotion. This always has a better outcome. We follow a process of doing a due diligence to ensure we provide the best advice.

Admin - Intermediary Services

  • One go-to-point for all financial services
    We offer an all-in-one solution service for all the client’s financial needs offering one point of contact.
  • A blend of experience and knowledge
    To offer an administration service that clients would never be able to get with direct insurers, we pay personal attention to our clients.
  • Well-staffed and competent people
    Our staff deal with the administration and so removes the burden from yourself.
  • Continuous development skills
    We provide ongoing development for our people, and they are at the forefront of the industry, also being current with the dynamic economic environment.
  • Contact with clients
    Facilitating meetings and presentations to keep clients engaged and active, such as investment presentations with fund managers, medical wellness days, etc.
  • Provide timeous information
    A level of commitment to have policies and solutions in place in a timely fashion with least effort required by client.
  • Quick assistance
    Arranging tax certificates; tax clearance; offshore compliance and getting things done!
  • Ease of changing your details and portfolios
    A skilled team is available to update and change details for you to save you time and stress. The procedures are set in place to provide a quick and accurate service.
  • Reporting on portfolios & Consolidated presentations
    Ad-hoc reporting on request as well as annual and quarterly reports as required. We present our clients with a summary of all the documentation discussed in the meeting as well as an update on his profile for the year in one neat presentation pack.
  • Newsletters
    We provide you, our client, with updates regularly to keep you informed of the latest happenings in our industry concerning each department.
  • Technology
    We make use of the latest information and data management systems to provide you with the most recent and accurate information.
  • Legal, tax and compliance admin
    We keep clients informed of regulations and legal changes that affect their financial position and affect decisions they may need to make.
  • FICA Admin
    We take care of your FICA requirements.

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