Group Benefits

Group Benefits

In today’s highly competitive business environment, employers depend extensively on the value and expertise brought into their organisations by their employees. The pension or provident funds become a primary tool in the manifestation of the company’s corporate asset savings.

Our group benefits packages are tailored to the requirements of the client and the members. Essentially retirement funds are established for the accumulation of funds for retirement. Additional benefits such as life cover, disability and dread disease cover are added, this is done frugally so that the main concept of the fund is not negated. We can manage funds with as few as 5 members to as many as 1000’s of members.

Helfin manages Pension- and Provident Funds through different Providers on behalf of 14 different Employers with assets under management currently at around R155,000,000.

Our providers are Liberty Corporate, Momentum FundsAtWork and Old Mutual Corporate.

Our client’s assets are mainly invested in Ninety One (formerly Investec), Coronation and Allan Gray.  For a view on Investment Growth for the past years, please click on the “Monthly Investment Growth” link below.

Pension and Provident Funds Explained
Why a Provident or Pension Fund?
What About Withdrawing Retirement Funds?
Preservation Funds Explained
Preservation FAQ
Statutory and Tax Provisions
Tax on Employee Contributions to Retirement Funds

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Group Benefits

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Monthly Investment Growth

Group Benefits - Monthly Investment Growth fund update...

A typical Benefit Fund

Section 1: Benefits - Life cover, Capital disability, dread disease, income protection, funeral benefits...

Dishonesty – Section 37D

Practical application of section 37D (b) (ii) of the Pension Funds Act where a member has committed theft, fraud, dishonesty or misconduct...