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Investment Analyst

Etienne Erasmus

I started working at Helfin Private Wealth on the 19th of February 2019. I had actually given up on a career in finance and was on the path to starting my own trail running company. I somehow got an interview with Mike Papageorge, I couldn’t answer any of his interview questions, but for some reason he wanted me to start the next day! My first 3-4 months I was really thrown into the deep end and I still had to learn how to swim! Expectations was very high and there was a sense that only excellence was accepted but with a very caring and family-oriented office culture. I have grown tremendously in my work and as a person working under Michael Jnr and Mike Papageorge. I feel like there was a lot of responsibility placed on my shoulders and this makes me truly grateful for the trust Mike and Michael have a place in my work ethic and capabilities. I look forward to seeing Helfin grow, and to the company remaining the Powerhouse, it is today!

Investment Analyst Intern

Xander Weitsz

I graduate from The University of Pretoria at the end of 2019 and was fortunate enough to be given an internship program at Helfin Private Wealth which commenced on the 6th of January. From the start, I felt I was thrown into the deep end, but thankfully not without a safety net. I formed part of an amazing team of analysts that were always willing to assist me. During our weekly investment meetings,I felt like part of team where my opinions were not only acknowledged but considered and valued. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity as the knowledge and experienced I have gained has helped me become a better analyst in every sense of the word. During my time at Helfin, I had the opportunity to present on companies I believe should be invested in and argue my points for companies I would not invest in. I was also given the opportunity to learn and grow as I was given tasks in various sectors of the business. This includedevaluating the performance of our current funds, proposing and setting up Helfin’s Model Portfolios, completing an array of investment administration tasks for various clients, ranging from adding additional funds to their current portfolios to set up entirely new contracts. I was fortunate enough to be on calls with Miton Optimal every Monday where I could listen and eventually form part of the discussions, offering my view on what we can expect for local and international markets in the near future. I had the opportunity to deal with Old Mutual International on a personal level andbuild a relationship with the incrediblepeople that manage our client’s wrapper accounts. I had the opportunity to interact with clients on a personal leveland offermy opinion as an informed and educated analyst. I had the absolute pleasure of helping some clients with their portfolios,giving them peace of mind andensuring that they have no doubt that their funds are being utilised in the best possible manner.I think the one factor I am most thankful for, is having the opportunity to consult Mike and Michael Papageorge on various matters of investment and learn and grow from them. I believe all of the above-mentioned factors have shaped and refined my character not only as an employee but also as an individual. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and look forward to what the future holds


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