Your house or buildings, vehicle, personal and business items are all a vital part of your life. If anything happens to them you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are properly protected. Helfin’s products are specifically designed and tailored to suit each one’s insurance requirements perfectly.

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Accidental Damage

Accidental physical loss of or damage to any tangible property belonging to the insured or for which they are responsible at the premises. Download Accidental Damage Policy Wording

House Owners

House Owners provides cover for fixed property such as buildings, geysers and out buildings due to fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion, earthquake, water and certain other additional perils. Download House Owners Policy Wording

Accounts Receivable

Loss or damage to the insured’s books of accounts whereby the insured is unable to trace or establish the outstanding debt balances owed to him. Download Accounts Receivable Policy Wording

House Holders

House Holders provides cover for all movable property, household contents, for example, furniture, due to theft, water damage, fire and special perils. Download House Holders Policy Wording

Building Combined

Damage by perils as described in the Fire Section to buildings, outbuildings, landlords fixtures and fittings, walls, gates, driveways etc. including loss of rent and legal liability.  Download Building Combined Policy Wording

Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption

The breakdown of your plant or machinery will have a negative impact on the running of your business. This section covers reduction in turnover and increased working following a machinery breakdown/loss (if insured in terms of the machinery breakdown section).  Download Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption Policy Wording

Business All Risks

Loss of or damage to specified items described in the schedule while anywhere in the world by any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.  Download Business All Risk Policy Wording

Machinery Breakdown

Any unforeseen and sudden physical damage to machinery described in the schedule. Download Machinery Breakdown Policy Wording

Business Interruption

Loss of gross profit from interruption of or interference with the business following a claim under the Fire, Office Contents or Building Combined Sections; but only in respect of perils insured under the Fire Section; at the premises described in the schedule. Download Business Interruption Policy Wording

Deterioration of stock (ALL peril policy)

Wherever there is storage of goods in a refrigerated environment there is the risk of damage from a variety of causes. For example there may be a failure in the power supply, impact damage caused by a forklift or simply a breakdown that prevents the plant used to control the atmosphere from functioning. A Deterioration of Stock policy provides protection against the cost of unforeseen damage for goods owned and for goods in the care of the Insured. Download Deterioration of stock (ALL peril policy) Policy Wording

Electronic Equipment

Physical loss or material damage to electronic items specified on the policy. Download Electronic Equipment Policy Wording

Employers Liability

Damages which the insured shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon death of or bodily injury to or illness of any person employed under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the insured, which occurred in the course of and in connection with such person’s employment by the insured within the territorial limits and on or after the retroactive date shown in the schedule, and which results in a claim or claims first being made against the insured in writing during the period of insurance. Download Employers Liability Policy Wording


Loss of money and/or other property, or direct financial loss sustained by the insured as a result of fraud or dishonesty by an insured employee which results in dishonest personal. Download Fidelity Policy Wording


Damage to property owned by the insured or for which the insured is responsible for by fire, lightning, thunderbolt, explosion, earthquake, water and certain other additional perils.  Download Fire Policy Wording


Loss of or damage to internal and external glass, mirrors, sign writing and treatment thereon at the insured premises. Download Glass Policy Wording

Goods in Transit

Loss of or damage to property for which the insured is responsible in the course of transit by the means of conveyance and caused by any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded. Download Goods In Transit Policy Wording

Group Personal Accident

Bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means to any principal, partner director or employee of the insured, specified in the schedule. Download Group Personal Accident


Loss of or damage to contents at the insured’s premises as a result of theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry/exit. Download Theft Policy Wording


Loss of or damage to money defined as cash, bank/currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, credit card vouchers etc. for which the insured is responsible. Download Money Policy Wording

Motor traders External Risks

The company will in accordance with the terms, exceptions and conditions of Articles I and II indemnify the insured in respect of any accident, loss or damage occurring whilst any insured vehicle is elsewhere than in or on any business premises owned by or in the occupation of the insured and such insured vehicle is being used in accordance with the terms of the Basis of Insurance which is mentioned under the heading “BASIS OF INSURANCE” in the schedule.  Download Motor traders External Risks Policy Wording

Motor traders Internal Risks

Damage to any vehicle owned by the insured and its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon occurring whilst the vehicle is in or on the premises stated in the schedule. In addition, if such vehicle is disabled by reasons of any damage insured hereby, the company will pay the reasonable cost of protection and removal to the nearest repairers and the insured may give instructions for repairs to be executed without the previous consent of the company to the extent of but not exceeding R2 000 provided that a detailed estimate is first obtained and immediately forwarded to the company. The company will also pay the reasonable cost of delivery to the insured after repair of such damage not exceeding the reasonable cost of transport. Download Motor traders Internal Risks Policy Wording


Loss of or damage to any vehicle described in the schedule and its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon. Download Motor Policy Wording 

Office Contents

Loss of or damage to the contents as described in the Fire Section including landlord’s fixtures and fittings and property for which the insured is responsible; including property owned by the employees limited to an amount of R2,500 per person whilst contained in the offices. Download Office Contents Policy Wording

Public Liability

Legal liability for accidental death, bodily injury, illness or accidental loss/physical damage to tangible property which occurred during the course of the business. Extensions available: Work Away, Products Liability and Defective Workmanship. Download Public Liability Policy Wording

Stated Benefits

Bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means to any principal, partner, director or employee of the insured specified in the schedule. The company will pay to the insured, on behalf of such person or his estate, the compensation stated in the schedule in the event of accidental bodily injury to any such person directly and independently of all other causes resulting within 24 calendar months in death or disability as specified in the schedule. Download Stated Benefits Policy Wording

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