Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Your house or buildings, vehicle, personal and business items are all a vital part of your life. If anything happens to them you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are properly protected. Helfin’s products are specifically designed and tailored to suit each one’s insurance requirements perfectly.

House contents

Your sum insured for contents will be increased annually by 10% from 15 December to 31 January, to give you that extra peace of mind over the festive season. Jewellery is covered up to 25% of your sum insured, as long as you have this value included in your total sum insured. Please remember that this cover extends to jewellery in your residence only and again only if in a safe when not worn.
Please take note that your contents must be insured by using the replacement value. An inventory form will assist you to calculate the sum insured for your contents.
Insured events covered under this section; fire, lightning, explosion, storm, wind, water, hail, snow, earthquake, impact with the private residence by animals, vehicles, aircraft or aerial devices or other objects fall from them or falling trees, except when felled by someone; collapse or breakage of aerial systems and satellite dishes; theft or attempted theft, burglar and malicious damage (no malicious cover while the residence is lent, let or sublet to tenant.)

What is average?
If, according to the insurers calculations, the amount needed to replace all your insured property with similar new property/contents at the time of any loss or damage, is more than the sum insured amount, the insurer will not pay you the full amount of the loss or damage. You will be your own insurer for the difference between the insured amount and the amount needed to replace all the insured property/contents. Therefore, you will be responsible for a proportional share of the loss or damage.

Herewith an example:
Let us assume you are insured for R500 000, but the replacement value of your property/contents is R1 000 000. This means you are only insured for half of the replacement value. You must cover the other half. If you suffer damage to the value of R100 000, the insurer will only pay half of this amount, which is R50 000, which will be calculated as follows:

Insured for R500 000
Replacement value R1 000 000
Claim R100 000

Calculation for under insurance: Claim X Insured for
1 Replacement value

The insurer will therefore, only pay you R50 000.

All risks

The optional cover under this section includes cover for clothing and personal effects under basic covers. The following needs to be specified; mobile communication devices, keys and locks, video cameras, jewellery, portable gaming electronic equipment, stamp and or coin collection, bicycles and wheelchairs, GPS, transport of groceries and household goods, audio-visual equipment, computing equipment, items in a bank vault and much more. Wear and tear is not covered; this section also provides worldwide coverage.


This section covers your building’s structure, boundary walls, paving, pool, gates and the like; against an act of God. You are covered for fire, storm, explosion, and earthquake and lightning damage in the main. Please refer to your policy document for a more complete description of cover.

Subsidence and landslip:

Subsidence and landslip is the result of shifting ground caused by the movement of the earth with the resultant cracks as the obvious result.
Insurance is generally extended to cover some of these events through your standard policy but more comprehensive cover needs to be purchased if you wish to extend the cover.
As a rule, the following are not covered under the standard and extended policy:
Damage to:

  • Drains, water courses, boundary walls, garden walls, screen and retaining walls, gate posts, gates and fences, driveways, paving, swimming pool boarders or tennis courts;
  • Caused by the contraction or expansion of soil due to its moisture or water content, as experienced in any clay and similar soil types;
  • Caused or made worse by faulty design, insufficient compacting of filling, poor construction, or the removal or weakening of support by any building;
  • Caused by structural alterations, additions or repairs;
  • Caused by surface or subterranean excavations other than those performed in the course of mining operations;
  • Caused by normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of the building.


Choose the extent of your cover, ranging from comprehensive to third party only. When your car is written off or stolen, it is replaced with a new one if it is less than a year old and has less than 30 000 km on the clock. Other basic covers include medical expenses, emergency accommodation, emergency repairs and much more. Optional extras include cover for the difference between market value and the hire-purchase amount, comprehensive car-hire cover and waiver of your excess. Roadside assistance is included for free on all policies.
It is advisable to install a tracking device in your vehicle and therefore the theft and hi/jack excess will be waived. We do all the arrangements to install the unit.

Water craft

The comprehensive cover provided includes cover for safeguarding and delivery, inspection of the hull, costs to prevent a loss, and medical expenses up to R2 000. Optional extras include cover for outboard motors and specified accessories such as water skis and electronic equipment. The watercraft may be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only. Racing of any type will not be covered.
Scratching, bruising or denting arising from transit loading or offloading will not be covered. The boat trailer will be insured under the trailer section and not together with the water craft.

Personal liability

Our liability cover extends to worldwide cover. Personal, domestic employee, tenant’s and security firm liability cover for up to R3 000 000. Up to R50 000 cover for unlawful arrest. For R10 or R15 more, you get extended personal legal liability cover (PLIP) to the value of R10 million or R20 million respectively.
This cover protects you against claims emanating from the public, and as much does not include your immediate family and staff. R5 000 000 is automatically included in policies for a premium.

Legal Access

To provide you, your spouse and children with a comprehensive legal product, Santam offers Legal Access.
This product provides: A choice between R30 000, R60 000 or R100 000 cover; Cover for everything from civil legal action, family matters and labour disputes to defence against a criminal charge, and free legal advice on everyday events.




4.  Please supply full details of all loses you have experienced during the last 5 years:









SASRIA will be added to all sections unless declined in writing 

Please note that by submitting the form we will process your information for the relevant party to be in contact with you. All information is kept private and confidential during this process. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

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