Local Investments – Factsheets

Local Investments – Factsheets

Helfin Private Wealth provides services on the following products:

Discretionary Investment

We use the term Discretionary investments to refer to any investments that could be used for any of the following reasons:

  • Children’s education
  • Holidays savings
  • Supplementing retirement funds etc..

These investments will be made with after-tax money and remain fully liquid so that the funds can be redeemed whenever the need arises. Complete discretion can be used in the sense that, if you want to invest for a shorter period, say an overseas holiday in 3 years, you can invest in a Conservative portfolio or if you want to invest to supplement your retirement, a more aggressive approach can be used.

See the bottom of the page for our portfolio fact sheets.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement Annuities differ from a pension fund in that there is no employer involved and no maximum age for membership. Membership of a retirement annuity is not by virtue of employment but can be seen as a type of “personal pension fund”. Retirement Annuities are a must for individuals who do not receive a pension or provident fund from their employers, or if you happen to receive additional income and want to reduce your taxable income. Retirement Annuities are a great way to save for retirement in a tax-efficient manner. The RA can help you supplement your future capital at retirement whilst reducing your taxable income today. You won’t be able to access these funds until you reach the age of 55. Upon retirement, you will be obligated to transfer at least two-thirds to an annuity to provide a retirement income. Other restrictions also apply to the underlying investments – Called Regulation 28- Helfin will assist you in choosing the correct funds to adhere to these rules.

Preservation funds

Preservation funds were introduced to the industry to allow members of a pension or provident funds to “preserve” their benefits in another type of retirement vehicle until they reach the age of retirement in the event of retrenchment, resignation, or dismissal. The unique features of a preservation fund are that the member received the deferral of taxation and conservation of their retirement benefits with the option to make one cash withdrawal of all or part of the investment amount, before retirement. This withdrawal will be subject to taxation as if the investor withdrew the cash from the retirement fund. Careful consideration is recommended if the investor wants to withdraw before retirement. Helfin can assist to ensure the optimal utilization of the tax-free allowances.

Living Annuities

Living annuities are also compulsory purchase annuity products that allow for a tax-neutral transfer from any approved pension, provident, preservation or retirement annuity. In terms of the annuity structure, the lump sum transfer at retirement is invested in one or more portfolios chosen by the investor. The investor then draws a regular income from this investment. The income can currently be withdrawn at a rate between 2.5% and 17.5% of the capital invested. The benefit of a living annuity over a guaranteed pension is as the name implies, it “lives on” for the investors nominated beneficiaries to either draw an income from or can be taken as a cash lump sum, keeping in mind it would form part of their taxable income. It is also worth mentioning that Living annuities are exempt from estate duties.

Tax Free Savings Accounts

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) allows you to grow your money without paying tax on the growth of your investment (capital gains tax), the interest or dividends received. We do not know who named it, but this is not your standard interest earning savings account. You can make use of a variety of financial instruments such as, exchange traded funds and unit trusts. There are limits on the amount you can save in a TFSA. The total annual contribution in a tax year may not exceed R 36 000, while the total lifetime contribution may not exceed R 500 000. It does not matter how much growth you earn on your annual contributions, as long as the amounts you put in do not add up to more than the annual or lifetime limit. It is important to note, that there is a stiff penalty tax of 40% for contributions that exceed the limit. You can withdraw money from these accounts as and when you like, however, withdrawals must be considered carefully because once an amount is withdrawn, that amount is deducted from your lifetime contribution limit.

Helfin Tax Free Savings Model Portfolio

Helfin Tax Free Savings Model Portfolio

Helfin Discretionary Portfolio FactSheets

Helfin Conservative Discretionary Portfolio
Helfin Cautious Discretionary Portfolio
Helfin Balanced Discretionary Portfolio
Helfin Moderately Aggressive Portfolio
Helfin Aggressive Discretionary Portfolio


Helfin Balanced Offshore Model Portfolio
Helfin Aggressive Offshore Model Portfolio

Helfin Regulation 28 Portfolio factsheets

Helfin Conservative Reg 28 Portfolio - Factsheet
Helfin Cautious Reg 28 Portfolio - Factsheet
Helfin Balanced Reg 28 Portfolio - Factsheet
Helfin Moderately Aggessive Reg 28 Portfolio - Factsheet

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Past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Asset class information is as at the stated date. However asset allocations could change considerably over time subject to mandate parameters.