Women playing key role in households’ investment decisions

Women playing key role in households’ investment decisions


financial advisors should play a critical role in helping women who make investment decisions for their households become more confident

A majority of woman investors are either in control or have an equal stake in handling financial decisions on their household, but only half are confident in their investing abilities.

Men tend to be natural gamblers, while women are inclined to test the waters before jumping in.

Most men want to make money as quickly as possible, which puts them in a more aggressive portfolio. Women, on the other hand, prefer to take calculated risks.

" Consumer purchase are driven by women, through buying power and influence – Forbes "

Women are becoming more important drivers of income and wealth for families.  Women are getting more engaged in their financial decisions. 

Women need to see wealth as an opportunity and not just savings for a long-term goal like retirement. Women need to determine what their goals are and incorporate these goals in the investment strategies.

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